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Zaid Aliass, 18 years old, from Sinjar, Iraq

Part 1

"In Rabia, we grew watermelons and sold them. My father worked in construction, building houses and buildings. He worked for us so we could go to school.

Before the genocide I was living in Sinjar. We didn't know that IS soldiers were coming. They came out of nowhere. We just had a phone call and they said flee, because they will come and kill us.

We just had a small car. We put some stuff in it, and then we went to the mountains. I was with my family.

Then we went to Syria, walking. From Syria we went to Turkey. We stayed in Turkey until we had the chance to get over here (to Greece). Just a couple of months ago we had our interviews, and were still waiting for the Greek government."

Part 2

I really want that we all stay together and all reach somewhere, and be somewhere good, all together. But we don't even know where we are and what is the situation. I'm waiting right now for 5 months for a call from the Greek government, and I don't even know what is going on. There are five children with us who are orphans. Their father died at the time ISIS came.

I would like to paint and draw. I like to paint and draw. I'd like to go to art school.

I know I have got psychological issues. I'm going to the psychiatrist in the camp, I can't sleep at night. I told her, can you give me just sleeping pills, and she said no, because of that operation that you had. They wanted to transfer me to another doctor, but I don't know him, so I said no, I won't go over there. I don't know, it's so hard for me.

Part 3

"Can you write this down?

One thing is that I want the world to know about Yazidis. Just to let the world know that we exist, that we are not hiding."

Photos: Shannon Ashton (Instagram @shannon__ashton) / Story: Kate Hubrich (Instagram @advo_k8)

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