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Voices of Refugees is a collaborative project sharing individual stories and perspectives from refugees and displaced peoples all over the globe. If you have a unique voice to add to this narrative, we encourage you to submit your stories, photos, or videos to this platform.

Submissions must include authentic material pertaining to human displacement. Photos, Videos, Audio, and Text are all welcome and subject to review. All stories must be submitted with permission from the individuals depicted and therefore, require accompanying documents depicting explicit consent. 

All submissions to


Since providing immediate emergency relief on the shores of Lesvos back in 2015, I AM YOU now operates in two mainland camps. Their mission is to better serve displaced populations in Greece and fight prejudice, by putting our common humanity first. To learn more about their beliefs, work and impact - check out their website. To stay connected, they are also active on both Facebook and Instagram

Ariela Moraru
Burma Link

Burma Link is a non-profit non-governmental organisation, founded by foreign volunteers together with Burma’s refugees in 2012 in Mae La refugee camp, the largest camp in Thailand. Burma Link amplifies the voices and stories of Burma’s ethnic and displaced populations and projects them into local and global conversations to ensure that the re-building of Burma includes the diverse and unheard perspectives of the conflict-affected communities on the ground. Visit:

Untold Stories of Success, Voices of Refugees story contributor
Untold Stories of Success

Untold Stories of Success: Achievements of Asylum Seekers in Israel is a project initiated by individuals and organizations working with the African asylum seeker and refugee community in Israel. The purpose of the project is to give voice to the community and their individual testimonies of struggle, survival and success. You can find the full publication here, and follow the project on Facebook here

Beyond Bidibidi

@beyondbidibidi tells the stories of refugee families who are building new lives in Uganda, many fleeing war-torn South Sudan. Uganda is now Africa’s leading refugee-hosting nation and has one of the most welcoming refugee policies in the world. Their progressive policy allows refugees to obtain a plot of land, start businesses and access healthcare and education. It gives people the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Follow @beyondbidibidi on instagram to read stories of those who are rebuilding their lives in Bidibidi, one of the world's largest refugee settlements and beyond...

Allison Voigts, Voices of Refugees story contributor
Allison Voigts

Allison is a freelance writer and photographer whose work has appeared in publications including The Christian Science Monitor, Global Traveler Magazine, and Rolling Stone Australia. Most recently she authored a book of profiles about survivors of the Guatemalan Civil War entitled Libre Soy: Portraits of a New Guatemala. To view more of her work, visit

Tommy Chavannes

Videographer and Photographer

Ariela Moraru, Voices of Refugees story contributor

Ariela Moraru

Originally from Transylvania, Ariela believes life is for experimenting and discovering your multiple identities. Why be one thing and live in one place for your whole life when you can be the writer, the traveler, the trainer, the dancer, the researcher, the soul searcher? And she is. Read about her free spirit, character-shaping experiences and life rant on her blog at Ariel

Romane Boyer, Voices of Refugees story contributor
Romane Boyer

Romane is a curious young traveller, passionate about contemporary history, languages, and politics. Right after graduating from high school, she worked for over 4 months at a refugee camp in Greece. This experience strengthened her wish to build awareness and share personal stories about human displacement. She looks forward to studying International Relations abroad and being given the tools to develop useful ideas on how to implement action in the field of international migration.

Romane Boyer, Voices of Refugees story contributor
Kate Hubrich

Kate is a storyteller whose her project came while working with the beautiful Yazidi's in a refugee camp in Greece. This is her first and only project of this kind. The Yazidi’s begged her to share their stories with the world; to not be forgotten.

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