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Rosary, 62 years old, and Renate, 72 years old, from Burundi

Rosary and Renate have been living in Lusenda Refugee Camp, in Eastern DR Congo since 2015.

"We didn't know each other before but when we arrived at the camp we were assigned to the same shelter. We have been living together now for over two years, and we have become good friends."

Both women arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) alone, leaving their families behind in Burundi, following the violence that broke out in the country in 2015. Today, they are both going back to Burundi. The UNHCR is assisting them to return thorugh a voluntary repatriation programme, helping those who want to go back home.

"I miss my grandchildren" says Renate. "If I fall ill here in the Congo, I have no-one to look after me. I want to go back and be with my family."

Both women proudly hold the handles of their hoes. "Now that the rains are coming, we are going back with our hoes to cultivate our land".


Photo and Story by: Clara Veale / © UNHCR 2017

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