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About Voices of Refugees

Amidst one of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, millions of displaced refugees and asylum-seekers are fleeing war-torn countries. Through all of the unimaginable pain and suffering, these people are seeking safety and peace. 

Voices of Refugees is a collection of stories revealing the human perspective behind the realities of displacement. Men, women, and children, each with their own unique stories, are risking their lives seeking refuge from conflict and violence. Along their journeys to safety, many have found themselves stranded in camps for months or even years, and most people struggle to rebuild a steady life in new, sometimes hostile environments. This project aims at shedding a light on people's individual stories in an effort to expose the realities of human displacement.

Voices of Refugees was started by Clara Veale and Shayanne Gal, two photographers and travellers who worked in refugee camps in Greece in 2016, and who felt compelled to share the simultaneously raw, beautiful, distressing and profoundly human stories of the people they shared their hours with each day. Beyond Greece, Voices of Refugees has transformed into a collective space for global refugee stories from all over the world.

This series is a collaborative project and we aim to share individual stories and perspectives from refugees and displaced peoples all over the world. If you have a unique voice to add to this narrative, we encourage you to submit your stories, photos, or videos to this platform.*

* Submissions must include authentic material pertaining to human displacement. Photos, videos, audio, and text are all welcome and subject to review. All stories must be submitted with permission from the individuals depicted and therefore, require accompanying documents stating explicit consent. 

All people interviewed by Voices of Refugees have given explicit verbal or written consent in sharing their stories to the public. We respect the right of protection and value the safety of each person who shares their story above all else. With crisis as vulnerable as these, it is primarily important for us to ensure that the stories  published on this platform pose no risk to the safety of displaced persons or their loved ones left behind in the countries they  fled from.

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