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Andrew, 20 years old, and Jacob, 18 years old, from South Sudan

"This is the first time we've played Ludo in two years" says Andrew, looking up from the board for a brief moment while his brother Jacob throws the dice. 

Andrew, 20, and Jacob, 18, have fled their home in Equatorial region of South Sudan, arriving at Kuluba collection centre, in northern Uganda. They left their parents behind, who had decided to stay with the family's goats and cattle. 

"We couldn't play outside because it was too dangerous, if they found us they would kill us. We stayed inside the house, and it was too dark to see the Ludo game," says Andrew, smiling as the game goes in his favour.

Andrew (Photo: Claire Nevill)

"We lost too many people in our village, many of our friends were shot. We've come to Uganda to be free and to continue our education." Two days later, I meet Andrew at Imvepi reception centre - he's about to move to his new plot of land in the settlement. He has just collected a mat and blankets from the UNHCR and will get enough food from the World Food Programme for the next 30 days. 

Andrew is beaming from ear to ear, I ask him how he feels. "Glad. The darkness is behind us now."


Photo: Claire Nevill / Story: @Beyond Bidibidi

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