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Mary Poni, 45 years old, from Kajo Keji in South Sudan

Mary has been living in Bidibidi refugee camp - northern Uganda for 8 months and misses being able to live off her own land. At the moment her family relies on the World Food Programme for all of their food.

Mary is a farmer and used to grow all her own food (groundnuts, maize and cassava) until her husband was brutally murdered in the war and she was forced to flee their home. Soldiers came at night, called him outside the house and shot him dead.

Mary and her five children left the next day and came 30kms on foot to Uganda. "I don't know when it will be safe enough to go back to South Sudan. So we've been trying to start a new life here in Bidibidi. It's not easy though. We've tried growing maize here but the sun is strong and with little rain - it hasn't worked yet. We will keep trying and hope things will get better when the rains come."

Photo: Claire Nevill / Story: Beyond Bidibidi (Follow on Instagram: @beyondbidibidi)

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