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Norina, 35 years old, from South Sudan

Norina fled South Sudan with her two sons in January. As a member of the Food Management Committee, Norina represents her community of 100 people living in Zone I, Palorinya Settlement in Northern Uganda.

“Food is life. We have to be there as women, the ones cooking for our families, the experts on what is good and bad food – we must stand on the Food Management Committees to observe that the food given to us is good enough."

"I’m from South Sudan where around 99% of the women there aren’t allowed to participate in any formal work. Since coming to Uganda three months ago – I’ve noticed that there are many organisations here in Palorinya refugee settlement and around that are sensitizing people on equality between men and women. I feel that what a man can do, a woman can also do. If a man can be part of the Food Management Committee on behalf of his community, why can’t I also do this – to show that women are also doing their part? I want to show to the rest of the women in my community that what men are doing here – we can also do."

"As a member of the Food Management Committee, I like that I can make a difference within my community. I am here on the days when the World Food Programme (WFP) is distributing the food and I can answer any queries or problems which people are having. Some people like beans others like peas, it would be nice to mix it up a bit so people can get what they want.

We like what the WFP gives us, the beans and posho is our favourite meal as a family. The body has different demands on us, so it needs different nutrients. When you lack certain things, you get sick. Without a balanced diet – our bodies will fail us."

"I came here alone with my two boys Joel and Saviour. My husband stayed behind in Juba, and I’ve heard recently that he’s married another woman there. I want to find a job here in Uganda and educate my boys. People in Uganda show us love and care, it feels good to be here.”

Photo: Claire Nevill / Story: @Beyond Bidibidi

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