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Alakiir, 41 years old, from South Sudan

This is Alakiir. She's waiting to collect her monthly cash transfer from the World Food Programme (WFP) in Adjumani, northern Uganda, where she's lived for three years now. She will use this money (around 10 dollars per person in her family for the month) to buy wheat flour and vegetables.

"Since I've switched from getting food in-kind, my children are really happy they can choose what they want to eat."

Alakiir is 41 years-old and physically impaired. She fell ill 15 years ago and hasn't been able to walk properly since, so she relies on her children and a stick to move around.

"It wasn't easy when we had to leave South Sudan," says Alakiir, "I managed to walk slowly for two days before a government truck picked us up and dropped us at the border."

Alakiir's brother was killed outside their home and his wife fled, leaving her three children with Alakiir - now a single mother to her two nieces, nephew and two sons. "I was relieved to get to Uganda, where I knew I could get them to safety and help to provide for them."

Photo: Claire Nevill / Story: @Beyond Bidibidi

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